Gianluca Pellerito actually is the only Italian drummer with a large community of followers to reach the world top 25 on Instagram.

Pellerito, 25 years is one of the most appreciate drummers in the international panorama.

This top is full of American drummers, some europeans and Gianluca as the only Italian with 129K followers actually.

Gianluca is not new to achieve special records, in fact at 14 years old Gianluca was the most young drummer, musician and band leader that played at the legendary Blue Note in Milan.

Moreover about Gianluca we have to mention too many important events about his career:

He was exclusively invited by the Kennedy family to perform at the Kennedy center in Washington, He played with his quintet for 3 times at Umbria jazz.

He did a special sold out at Blue Note (NY) as a band leader, he studied at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston and he recorded two records.

The first one is a orchestra project where Gianluca played with two legendary drummers, Peter Erskine and Alex Acuna;

the second one under the Universal label is a live project recorded at Umbria jazz winter and is a tribute to Herbie Hancock.

Here some words from Gianluca:

” I’m very happy about my professional journey.

I started with a jazz approach and this was very helpful for my career especially during my studies at College.

I feel myself versatile and this is the reason why I love to play every kind of music situations. Since when i done with the college my biggest dream was playing on big stages with big pop artist.

Now finally I’m doing that and of course, thanks too the Social media principally Youtube and Instagram that gave me a lot, makes me discovered by too many people. I think that social media are the new business card and we have to do our best to keep working:”